Welcome to 1customgunsmith.com / BestGunsmith.com home of VanFossan's Custom Gunsmithing. We offer a long list of custom gunsmith services.

We are a full service, gunsmithing shop. We are located 28 miles east of Knoxville, TN in the country side of the Great Smokey Mountains. We are 8 Miles from interstate 40, exit 417 or exit 432

Full service gunsmithing includes, (but is not limited to) general gun repairs, refinishing of wood grips and stocks, refinishing or blueing of metals, we blue/parkerize/dura-coat, mauser re-barrel/sporterize, Ar-15 flash hider installation, custom muzzle brakes to reduce recoil by 50% FN-FAL, AK-47 builds/caliber changes, trigger work, custom sights, 1911A-1 customizing, including trigger jobs, Para-ordnance LDA trigger jobs, or full enhancement packages, custom building of 50BMG target rifles, custom building of sniper rifles. Call us to get a quote on your firearm needs. We will always be happy to talk to you Mon- Thurs 8 am- 10 pm EST. For more detail please Visit the Services page.

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